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The Sandhurst Collection is a collection of artefacts and pictures in the Royal Military Academy of Sandhurst in Surrey. The collection exists to promote military ethos and tradition to the officer cadets and preserve Sandhurst’s history. As well as weaponry, decorative art, pictures and silverware, the collection includes the archives of the academy. These archives bear records for centuries of history at Sandhurst, stretching back to the Royal Military Academy Woolwich in 1741.

Artefacts in the collection

The Sandhurst Collection was formed in 1970 to preserve objects of historic value which are associated with the academy. The collection includes a diverse range of artefacts, including clothing worn or designed by former cadets and staff. Among its most prized items on display are the Army Gold Cross worn by Sir George Scovell the Governor of RMC 1837 to 1856 as well as the stunning silver trophy of the Perthshire Light Infantry, crafted in 1873. The collection also serves the practical purpose of training cadet companies and departments via instruction or exhibition.


Also available to see in the Sandhurst Collection are several examples of art associated with the academy. The Grand Lodge, 1840, is a pencil drawing by a Gentleman Cadet. There is also a stunning, vivid picture of the Duke of Cambridge commanding at the Alma in 1854.


The archives are based on information about cadets in registers from 1741 to 1947. These records offer information about ex-cadets from Sandhurst. They are available online and are free to search through. If you wish to download an image there is a small fee of 2.99.

Prestige Rooms

Sandhurst contains many rooms of historic interest. The Grand Entrance has the stunning portico designed by John Sanders, Barrack Architect, in 1808. The design is based on a similar portico at Royal Military Academy in Woolwich.

Sandhurst Collection

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